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Interstate 77 in North Carolina

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Interstate 77 (I-77) is a part of the Interstate Highway System that runs from Columbia, South Carolina, to Cleveland, Ohio. In North Carolina, I-77 enters the state at Charlotte, from South Carolina. Crossing the western piedmont, it connects with Statesville before continuing north into Virginia. The landscapes traversed by I-77 is a contrast of urban and rural foothills, with views of the Blue Ridge Mountains seen from a distance on its most northern section. The Interstate extends for 105.7 miles (170.1 km) and has one auxiliary route.

The freeway bears several names in addition to the I-77 designation. Throughout the state the freeway is known as the Blue Star Memorial Highway, a name shared with multiple Interstates across the state. Starting at the South Carolina state line, it is known as the General Paul R. Younts Expressway, switching at Woodlawn Road to the Bill Lee Freeway, ending at the Mecklenburg-Iredell county line. In Surry County, it is known as the Charles M. Shelton Highway.Not originally part of the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956, I-77 was added the following year as a route between Charlotte and Port Huron, Michigan, via Detroit. In 1958, the routing was realigned towards Cleveland instead; the Detroit\Port Huron section became part of I-94. I-77 received two extension approvals; the first in 1964, continuing south from I-85 to U.S. Route 74 (US 74), and the second in 1969 to the South Carolina state line towards Columbia. The Interstate was completed in 1977....

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I-77 NC Exits

Highway I-77 runs South to North with exit numbers starting at the southern most exit of each state or province.

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