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Road sign for I-81

Interstate 81 in Maryland

Map of I-81 System

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Interstate 81 (I-81) is a part of the Interstate Highway System that runs from Dandridge, Tennessee to Fishers Landing, New York. In Maryland, the Interstate highway runs 12.08 miles (19.44 km) from the West Virginia state line at the Potomac River in Williamsport north to the Pennsylvania state line near Maugansville. I-81 is the primary north\south Interstate highway in Washington County, connecting Hagerstown with Chambersburg and Harrisburg to the north and Martinsburg, Winchester, and Roanoke to the south.

The idea of a north\south bypass of Hagerstown to relieve congestion on the contemporary main highway through the Hagerstown Valley, U.S. Route 11 (US 11), predates the Interstate system. Construction on the Hagerstown Bypass began in the mid-1950s and was completed in 1958 from US 40 north to the Pennsylvania state line. I-81 was assigned to the new freeway in 1959. The southern section of the freeway from the Potomac River to US 40 was built starting in 1962 and completed in 1966. Beyond interchange improvements, I-81 has changed very little from the four-lane freeway of the 1960s. Long-range plans call for widening I-81 to six lanes and effecting further interchange improvements along what is a major commuting and trucking corridor....

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I-81 MD Exits

Highway I-81 runs South to North with exit numbers starting at the southern most exit of each state or province.

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