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Interstate 94 Summary

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Interstate 94 (I-94) is an east\west Interstate Highway connecting the Great Lakes and northern Great Plains regions of the United States. Its western terminus is in Billings, Montana, at a junction with I-90; its eastern terminus is in Port Huron, Michigan, where it meets with I-69 and crosses the Blue Water Bridge into Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, where the route becomes Ontario Highway 402. It thus lies along the primary overland route from Seattle (via I-90) to Toronto (via Ontario Highway 401), and is the only east\west Interstate highway to form a direct connection into Canada.

I-94 intersects with I-90 several times: at its western terminus; Tomah to Madison in Wisconsin; in Chicago, and in Lake Station, Indiana. All together the major cities that I-94 connects to are Billings; Fargo, North Dakota; Minneapolis\Saint Paul; Madison; Milwaukee; Chicago; and Detroit.


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This highway passes through multiple states or provinces. Each is broken out sepeperatly in these listings.

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