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Interstate 95 in Pennsylvania

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Interstate 95 (I-95) is an Interstate highway running from Miami, Florida, north to Houlton, Maine. In the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, it runs 44.25 miles (71.21 km) from the Delaware state line near Marcus Hook to the Delaware River\Turnpike Toll Bridge at the New Jersey state line. From the Delaware state line to exit 40, the route is known by many as the Delaware Expressway, but is officially named the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway. North(east) of exit 40, I-95 runs along the easternmost portion of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. I-95 parallels its namesake Delaware River for its entire route through the city of Philadelphia and its suburbs. It is a major route through the city and the metropolitan Delaware Valley, providing access to locally important landmarks such as Philadelphia International Airport, the South Philadelphia Sports Complex, Subaru Park, Penn's Landing, and Philadelphia Mills. Of the 15 states that I-95 runs through, Pennsylvania is the only one that does not border the Atlantic Ocean.

Plans for a limited-access route along the Delaware River in the Philadelphia area originated in the 1930s when both a parkway and elevated highway were proposed; neither of these were built. The Delaware Expressway was approved in 1945 as a toll road that was to be part of the Pennsylvania Turnpike system until the project was turned to the Pennsylvania Department of Highways in 1956, with the expressway to be included in the Interstate Highway System as part of I-95. Construction on I-95 began in 1959 and was mostly complete by 1979, with the final portion near the Philadelphia International Airport finished in 1985. The route was originally projected to run through the center of Trenton, New Jersey, but was rerouted to the Scudder Falls Bridge due to limited capacity in Trenton. It remained on this alignment until July 2018 when it was truncated to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, being replaced by an extended I-295. Upon completion of two new high-speed flyovers connecting I-95 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike on September 22, 2018, I-95 was extended to the east into New Jersey toward the New Jersey Turnpike along the former I-276 (Pennsylvania Turnpike)....

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Highway I-95 runs South to North with exit numbers starting at the southern most exit of each state or province.

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