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Fast Food/Sandwich

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289 Woodgate Dr S
Brandon MS 39042



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    Subway (restaurant)

    Subway is an American privately held restaurant franchise that primarily sells submarine sandwiches (subs) and salads. It is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the world and, as of October 2019, had 41,512 locations in more than 100 countries. More than half its locations (23,928 or 57.6%) are in the United States. It also is the largest single-brand restaurant chain, and the largest restaurant operator, in the world.As of 2017, the Subway Group of companies was organized as follows:\n\nSubway IP Inc. is the owner of the intellectual property for the restaurant system.\nFranchise World Headquarters, LLC leads franchising operations. FWH Technologies, LLC owns and licenses Subway's point of sale software.\nFranchisors include Doctor's Associates Inc. in the U.S.; Subway International B.V.; Subway Franchise Systems of Canada, Ltd.; etc.\nAdvertising affiliates include Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust, Ltd.; Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust, B.V.; Subway Franchisee Canadian Advertising Trust; etc.Subway's international headquarters are in Milford, Connecticut, with five regional centers supporting the company's international operations. The regional offices for European franchises are located in Amsterdam (Netherlands); the Australian and New Zealand locations are supported from Brisbane (Australia); the Asian locations are supported from offices in Beirut (Lebanon) and Singapore; and the Latin American support center is in Miami.

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