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Road sign for I-69

Interstate 69 in Kentucky

Map of I-69 System

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Interstate 69 (I-69) in the U.S. state of Kentucky is a 148.090-mile-long (238.328 km) freeway running from Fulton to Henderson. The route makes use of the entirety of the former Purchase Parkway, and existing portions of I-24, the Western Kentucky Parkway, and the Pennyrile Parkway. Eventually, I-69 will leave the former Pennyrile Parkway just south of the Audubon Parkway interchange or remain on its current alignment and travel through Henderson on U.S. Route 41 (US 41) north into Indiana. The proposed route for the remainder of I-69 in Kentucky travels about ten miles (16 km) to utilize an as-of-yet-unbuilt bridge into Indiana.

I-69 has been divided into three sections of independent utility (SIUs) through Kentucky. SIUs 5 and 6 encompass existing freeways. Federal legislation has designated the route for these sections and Kentucky is in the process of installing I-69 signs on the route. SIU 4 includes a new bridge over the Ohio River between Henderson and Evansville, Indiana. The proposed funding formula calls for Kentucky to finance two-thirds of the projected $1.4 billion bridge, while Indiana would pay for the remaining third....

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I-69 KY Exits

Highway I-69 runs South to North with exit numbers starting at the southern most exit of each state or province.

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