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Interstate 64 Summary

Map of I-64 System

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Interstate 64 (I-64) is an east\west Interstate Highway in the Eastern United States. Its western terminus is at I-70, U.S. Route 40 (US 40), and US 61 in Wentzville, Missouri. Its eastern terminus is at an interchange with I-264 and I-664 at Bowers Hill in Chesapeake, Virginia. I-64 connects the major metropolitan areas of St. Louis, Missouri, Louisville and Lexington in Kentucky, Charleston, West Virginia, and Richmond and Hampton Roads in Virginia.

At 953.74 miles, I-64 is the second longest interstate highway not ending with a 5 or 0, after I-94....

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I-64 States/Provinces

This highway passes through multiple states or provinces. Each is broken out sepeperatly in these listings.

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